Manuel S. Caspari

What I do


Creating beautiful looking material designed Apps according to Android best practices. Author of many popular Apps with thousands of daily active users.


Client and Server applications, mostly written in Java, PHP, JS and NodeJS. Whitehat penetration testing and reporting of security flaws.


Writing secure, fast, good looking, mobile optimized and state of the art websites. Also working on a lot of backend API stuff.


Some of my more popular projects

  • Lunary is an open source and easy to use crypto currency wallet for Ethereum developed for Android.

  • Raven is a free and open source android messenger for Facebook, SMS and E-Mail. It supports a true end-to-end device encryption and keeps the usability simple at the same time.

  • A mobile App companion with detailed Counter Strike: Global Offensive eSport related statistics such as team performance, match history, rankings and more.

  • Offers a variety of functions such as calculate how much the CP of your Pokemon will rise after evolving or upgrading, an XP calculator and showing strength and weaknesses of Pokemon.

  • >

    A smart contract for decentral betting running on the Ethereum network.

  • A small open-source application which allows owners of a Nexus 6P to enable the hidden Doubletap to Wake feature.

About me

I'm a young developer, entrepreneur and cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Manuel S. Caspari

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