Manuel S. Caspari

What I do


Creating state of the art apps for Android and iOS.


Client and server applications. Recently working quite a lot with Kotlin and Angular + Typescript.


Fabel for cryptography.


Small excerpt of my projects

  • Lunary is an open source and easy to use crypto currency wallet for Ethereum developed for Android. Developed in 2017.

  • Raven is a free and open source android messenger for Facebook, SMS and E-Mail. It supports a true end-to-end device encryption and keeps the usability simple at the same time. Developed in 2014.

  • A mobile app companion to predict turnip prices in the game Animal Crossing New Horizon. Developed in 2020.

  • Blinder is a dating app with a more personal approach. Available in Vienna, Austria. In active development since 2017.

About me

Mostly working on things I enjoy doing and I'm passionate about.

Manuel S. Caspari

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